Moath Alofi presents treasures of Arabia


Saudi Gazette

Saudi artist Moath Alofi returned with yet another extraordinary body of work to 21,39, a contemporary art exhibition organized by the Saudi Art Council in Jeddah. The Madinah based artist revealed two projects that included a short film with Saudi Art Council titled ‘Mihlaiel’ at Gold Moor mall and followed it up with a series of photographs at Athr gallery.

Both projects aim to highlight and preserve the rich history of Saudi Arabia.

“In both, I want to shock you, I want to make you wonder, ask questions; get you to search and arouse curiosity in the audience. In addition to that I wanted to bring stillness to life, showing the treasures of this beautiful country,” Alofi told Saudi Gazette.

The 11.5 minutes long documentary captured significant landmarks and historical civilizations symbolic to the pre and post Islamic era in Saudi Arabia.

The drone footage in ‘Mihlaiel’ was also shot in Khaybar, around 150 km away from Madinah.

“That’s where the drone shooting was. Then we shot for three days in Madinah. Overall production took a week,” he explained.

Alofi aims to spread international awareness about the hidden wonders of Saudi Arabia and hopes this study will fuel interest among locals and expats living in the Kingdom.

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