#UpToMe — Chevrolet brand campaign celebrates women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Gazette

Joining the list of many automobile brands, Chevrolet launched a new campaign for women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia. However the brand chose a different direction and moved away from mainstream sales promotion to applauding women’s freedom of choice. The campaign revolved around a group of Saudi women who are proud of the historic decision but feel differently about actually driving in the Kingdom.

“Chevrolet has been part of the Saudi community for over 90 years now and we are very proud of that heritage,” Molly Peck, Chief Marketing Officer, GM Middle East told Saudi Gazette. Peck said the historic decision that allows women to drive in the Kingdom has a huge impact on Chevrolet considering KSA is their biggest market in the Middle East. “We understand that women have long been an influential force behind car purchases in the Kingdom and 5.8% of all Chevrolet’s in Saudi Arabia are already registered to women, so we are currently exploring ways to make sure women are comfortable coming into our dealerships and deciding on a vehicle to drive themselves,” she added. The campaign champion’s women’s right to decide whether they want to drive rather than focusing on those who will.

Prior to launching Chevrolet’s #UpToMe campaign, they reportedly ran extensive research in the Kingdom, according to Peck. “We spoke to Saudi women to understand the impact that His Majesty’s announcement last year will have within the community and recognized that the real milestone is that women can now decide to join the driving community or not – it’s up to them. We naturally wanted to celebrate this with women in Saudi and our #UpToMe campaign expresses our optimism towards their newfound possibility from June 2018 onwards,” she explained. The campaign is now live on Chevrolet Arabia Facebook and YouTube pages.