What is fast food?


Saudi Gazette

Why do you think fast food is called fast food? Why do you have a sudden craving for fast food and you feel like having the yummiest burger ever? Do you think fast food runs fast? Or digests fast? It is neither!

Let’s get to the history of fast food first. In old days, people mostly cooked proper meals at home. Going out to a restaurant was something that happened rarely. Later, when cars became popular and cheap enough for most of the people to have it; people took them out to eat.

Many places became famous for their affordable prices, but it was not a fast service. People had to wait for hours to get their food, which also ended up messing up their hands and even the car.

Then McDonald’s family invented the first real fast food in America so that families can Drive-in and get their meals quickly and swiftly. So what is an idea behind a fast food restaurant?

It is a restaurant where all the workers have one specific job to perform. For example, one person grills and the other person makes salad and dressings. One fryer for frying chips, the other at an ice-cream machine, one at a counter, one at the coffee machine, one packs the food in paper wraps and throw away packets, and one cleaner to keep the place clean all the time.

When everyone does their job on time, meals are cooked and assembled very quickly.

Despite all this hard work, you know it very well that fast food is not healthy. Many fast foods have more fat, salt and sugar in them, which is not best for the balanced diet. Doctors are worried that this type of weight is making the kids gain weight (obesity).

It is low in fiber, which affects your stomach. It has a lot of fats, which makes it tasty, however it is not good for your health. It has more calories with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives.

However, now many fast food restaurants are changing their menus to add more fruits and vegetables to reduce the amount of fats and sugar. Fast food is not forbidden, but take it in a balanced way. Exercise every day to look after your body and stay healthy.