Saudi artist with an edge

Hussam Alsuwaha’s progressive, avant-garde style and vibrant colors set him apart in art world


By Intisar Alyamani

Self taught Saudi artist Hussam Alsuwaha, 30, sits down in front of one of his canvases stroking his trendy beard in thought. He looks deeply into each stroke, tilting his head to get a better focus.

“I have completed this painting, but I am deciding whether it needs a final stroke on the right,” he says as he points at his canvas.

Born and raised in Riyadh, and educated in the United States, Hussam is dynamic and passionate about his work. He is an artist whose image reflects his modern edge.

He practices Arabic calligraphy with precision and adds his own signature approach. His calligraphy can be seen on canvases using acrylic paint and mixed media, etched on jewelry and even painted on a motorbike!

This artist's progressive, somewhat avant-garde style and vibrant colors set him apart from other artists of his generation.

“I have been blessed to be invited to participate in various events this year, one of which was the Misk Art event,” he said.

The Misk Art event was organized by the Misk Art Institute founded in 2017, which is a new artist-centered cultural organization operating under the auspices of the Misk Foundation, established by Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, and led by Saudi artist, Ahmed Mater.

With a young audience, Hussam has brought a traditional and ancient art form into the 21st century with ease. “My work just spills from my mind and into my finger tips. It’s not easy to explain, it just feels natural to me,” Hussam explains.

Painting mostly at night when he feels most inspired, Hussam does not follow a particular genre or traditional art practice rules.

He receives his inspiration from music and nature. Hussam’s individuality is one of the reasons why his work is popular and commissioned by art lovers, and is now reaching a global audience.

“Some approach me to create paintings to decorate their new home, others, especially from Western countries find my work intriguing,” he said. “They appreciate my work and ask me many questions about it.”

This aspiring artist’s journey has just begun and he looks forward to his bright future and creating vibrant canvases!

Anyone interested, can have access to Hussam and his artwork through his Instagram account: @7ussamz