MoH urges using delivery applications for shopping


RIYADH — The Ministry of Health stressed the importance of following a number of awareness guidelines in case of going shopping if necessary, indicating that delivery applications proves a valuable substitute for going shopping.

The Ministry indicated, through an awareness infographics published in its official account on Twitter, the need to follow the awareness guidelines during shopping.

The guidelines include: “Shopping in non-crowded times, and ensuring the sterilization of the handle of shopping carts with sterile tissues, as well as washing hands with soap and water before and after shopping, and also maintaining a safe distance of not less than a meter between you and the shoppers, not to touch the products you buy, and be careful not to touch the face while shopping, and to pay using credit card, with the importance of sterilizing hands before leaving the store, as it is preferable to wipe the cans using sterile tissues, and make sure to wash vegetables and fruits.

The Ministry of Health called upon everyone to support the efforts being made to combat the Coronavirus and carry out their humanitarian and national duty to limit its spread.

The Ministry invited all to communicate with the Health Center 937 to respond to their inquiries and provide them with advice on everything related to the Novel Coronavirus around the clock, and advises the need to adhere to the ministry’s awareness guidelines to avoid infection with viruses. — SG/SPA