Arab Coalition refutes allegations of targeting civilians


Saudi Gazette report

RIYADH — The Arab Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen released a video on Wednesday, refuting the Houthi militia’s allegation that it targeted a civilian vehicle in Shada Directorate in Sa’dah Governorate of Yemen in which 13 civilians, including a woman and four children, were killed.

The video shows circumstances leading up to the attack that was conducted on Monday (June 15). In the video, a group of Houthi armed militants is seen carrying weapons as part of its military logistics operation within the area of operations in close proximity to the Saudi-Yemeni border. The video proves the Houthi’s claim that they were civilians, including a woman and children, false and unfounded.

The recording also proves that the Houthi militia is continuing to falsify facts in its media disinformation campaigns, and exploiting the conditions under which its terrorist elements and armed militants are killed, claiming that they were women and children.

This also confirms the legitimacy of the targeting, and that it is in line with the customary international humanitarian law and the high standards and implemented procedures by the Joint Forces Command of the Coalition in discriminating military targets and applying the customary principles of targeting operations under the international humanitarian law.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Houthi militia claimed via a post on the (Houthi) ministry of public health and population website, as well as the Houthi Almasirah TV, that 13 civilians, including a woman and four children, were killed in Shada directorate in Sa’dah, Yemen as a result of the Coalition’s targeting of their vehicle.