Transport Authority starts issuing permits for taxi service

May 25, 2023

Saudi Gazette report

— The Transport General Authority (TGA) has started issuing drivers' cards for practicing fare activities that include public taxis, cab brokers and guided vehicles through the Naql platform.

TGA has also called on the companies and establishments that are working in the sectors of public taxis, taxi-cab brokers and guided vehicles to log on to the Naql platform and complete the necessary requirements to issue the cards.

In a circular to the Federation of Saudi Chambers, the TGA said the regulation for public taxis, taxi-cab brokers and guided vehicle activities was issued within a decision from the Minister of Transport and Logistics No. (27/1/1441 AH) and its amendments have set four conditions that the drivers must adhere to in order to be able to issue the card.

In accordance with Article 23 of the regulations, the drivers must have a valid general driving license in accordance with the Traffic Law and its executive regulations, and the driver must pass the medical examination specified by the TGA.

The drivers are also required to have a criminal record certificate. The last condition is that the driver must have an approved training certificate by the TGA.

The regulations governing the activity also stipulate limiting the practice of the activity by the establishments after obtaining the license.

As for individuals who practice the activity in airports, the regulations stipulate that they will be allowed to work only after getting approval from the competent authority in the airport management, and after issuing the permit.

It is necessary to issue a separate license for each public taxis activity, taxi-cab brokers, and guided vehicle activity.

The Article 24 of the regulations underlines the importance of observing the provisions of Article 23, which requires the employer licensed to practice the taxi business to obtain a driver card for each driver working for him after paying the financial fines, if any, and according to several set conditions.

The conditions include the establishment's registration must be valid, the driver ID must be valid, a contractual relationship between the driver and the licensee, and paying the financial dues.

The provisions of Article 23 and Paragraph 2 of Article 27 must also be observed, which stipulate the importance of the individual obtaining an operating card after paying financial fines (if any), in accordance with several conditions.

The conditions are a valid vehicle licence, valid technical examination certificate for the car, valid car insurance policy and the car must be equipped in accordance to specifications in addition to paying the fees, if any.

The regulations state that the individual must obtain the driver's card after paying the fees, if any, in accordance with the following conditions: his ID must be valid, have a personal picture, and pay the fees and dues, if any.

The driver's card will be issued in accordance to the approved form by the TGA for one year, provided the validity of the card does not exceed the expiry date of the authorized license or the expiry of the driving license. It is forbidden to practice the activity after its expiry date.

The renewal of the card must be through a request from the licensed or authorized person to practice the activity, and after meeting all the conditions, and after paying all the financial dues, if any. The individual must submit the request 30 days before the end of the card's expiry.

It is allowed to cancel the card with a request from the licensed or authorized person to practice the activity, after paying all financial dues, if any. The TGA has the right to cancel the driver's card if any of the conditions are violated.

May 25, 2023
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