Turkish TV correspondent proposes his future wife in Grand Mosque

Turkish TV correspondent proposes his future wife in Grand Mosque

A Turkish TV correspondent proposes his wife in Grand Mosque

JEDDAH – A correspondent and an announcer at the Turkish government TRT space channel has fulfilled the wish of his would be wife who asked him to present to her the wedding ring while kneeling in front of the Holy Kaaba inside the Grand Mosque in Makkah. She also asked him to film the event.

The correspondent, Yusuf Akion, the son of the former Turkish media attache to the Kingdom, had presented the wedding ring to his finance in front of the Holy Kaaba in 2012 but she asked him to do that while kneeling down otherwise she would not marry him.

It took Akion five years to do this.

In 2017 he presented the wedding ring to his finance right in front of the Holy Kaaba and  caught the moment live on the social media.

“Here I am in front of the Holy Kaaba. Here are also our blessed mothers. I am a little bit ashamed of them but I thought I was doing something good,” he said.

The video went viral on the Internet but he had to delete it after he was strongly criticized on his action.


    • It’s time Turks learnt their Islam?? Why do people generalize the whole country for the action of one individual.. How do you feel when someone stereotypes Muslims in general as terrorists? Think over it!!
      And btw, If you did not know, the Turks ruled all of what is now Saudi Arabia up until World War 2.. The pulpit at the Prophets mosque in Madinah is still from that period on which even to date, sermons are delivered by the imams. And also, it was the ruler of the Turkish empire that first introduced electric bulbs in the Haram, which was the first in the middle east, even before he introduced the technology to his Palace.

  1. Every Muslim is supposed to kneel down in front of Allah (swt) and always facing Ka’abah, not otherwise! !!!
    It is an insult to Islam and Muslims of the world !!
    Haram Security should have nabbed them !
    Shame on showbiz people .
    May Allah (swt) guide all people of the world to right path.

  2. 1. Such news should not be given publicity. 2. It is in Haram, the House of Allah and romance is taking place with other woman, they are not yet married, she is not mahram, where is HAIA?

  3. İf my son marries a girl with those stupid demands I would disown him! I hope he is not turkish! His name sounds different.

  4. When trump is considered as the true friend of Muslims though he has openly spoken against Islam and Muslims and banned Muslims from entering in to USA (which has been rejected by the court of law if his own country),
    What is wrong that this TV host has fine?
    Why the people did not object to the statement of calling trump as true friend of Muslims?

  5. hey Yusuf Akion
    Remember this is not the place for your fun. It is sacred place for whole the Muslims around the world. Kneel down and pray to Allah The Almighty for forgiveness.